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Background & History

   On January 1, 2012, the Executive Yuan formally established the Board of Science and Technology (BOST) to review and coordinate the overall development of national science and technology (S&T) policy.

   The BOST is convened by the premier, with the minister without portfolio in charge of S&T policies and the minister of science and technology as deputy conveners. The board’s 13 to 19 members also include prestigious S&T experts from industry and academia, heads of related central agencies, and the president of Academia Sinica. These professionals advise the premier and make policy recommendations on national S&T development.

   The Office of Science and Technology (OST), a taskforce of the Executive Yuan, helps the BOST coordinate S&T issues of critical national interest.

   Prior to the January 1, 2012 restructuring, the national S&T policy-making apparatus was composed of the Science & Technology Advisory Group (STAG), National Science Council (NSC), and other S&T-related ministries.

   As an OST precursor, the STAG—established in December 1979—was responsible for setting the agenda and vision for national development, monitoring analysis of global trends, developing blueprints, coordinating important programs and policies, mapping out innovative systems and conducting strategic planning for core competencies related to S&T.

   In order to enhance administrative efficacy and coordinate the roles and functions of government agencies following governmental restructuring, the BOST has been tasked to periodically review the national S&T agenda and vision, set overall administrative objectives for the government, and develop guidelines for S&T policies.

   The BOST works closely with the Ministry of Science and Technology in formulating the National S&T Development Plan in conjunction with the quadrennial National S&T Conference. The BOST assists the premier in S&T policy decision-making and serves as a platform for coordinating related government agencies and domestic policy-research institutes. Moreover, it assists in mapping out policies and evaluating core technologies. Based on the established blueprint and the conclusions and administrative recommendations made at past meetings, the BOST carries out policy directives while receiving policy recommendations and coordinating their promotion.