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Conference on Geospatial Information Applications in Taiwan
      Taiwan is developing cloud computing and government open data aggressively and has had fruitful achievements in these respects in recent years. To combine cloud application and open data promotion strategy and increase the impact of geospatial information applications, the OST held this conference on July 19, 2013.


      Through government-business dialogue, the vision for and needs of the industry were brought forward, and recommendations about the legal and regulatory system, supply and demand, investment promotion, and establishment of shared standards were taken. Conclusions reached included the following:

1.     Further integration of public and private resources should be promoted to expand the range of geographic information system-related applications and generate synergy.

2.     Agencies were requested to gather funding to promote geospatial information industry development, with first priority given to theNational Geographic Information System. 


      The geospatial information industry should take advantage of the Cloud Computing Applications and Industry Development Program (including the testbed and guidance mechanisms for small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as the resources made available by the government open data project to aid industry development. Through the creative application model, industry competitiveness will be raised and new opportunities created.